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The Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB) was established in 1940 to provide a structure through which school board members could unite in their efforts to promote the interests and welfare of Colorado’s 178 school districts. CASB wanted a mobile application that could be used by school boards across the state of Colorado to efficiently conduct and track school board meetings using a standardized and legal technique. Here are some of the features of this unique mobile application.

IPad, IPhone, and Android Application

  • Complete content management system integration allowing staff to maintain all data aspects of the mobile application without rolling out updates.
  • Document system.
    • Content organized by each individual School District.
    • Create/edit/read content depending on permissions.
  • Multiple Roles/Permission Levels.
    • CASB Admin.
      • Create School District Admin.
      • Create School District Users.
      • Create “Global” Events.
      • Access Documents.
      • Access Events.
    • School District Admin.
      • Create School District Users.
      • Create “District-Level” Events.
      • Access Documents.
      • Access Events.
    • School District Users.
      • Access Documents.
      • Access Events.
  • Calendar System – List View.
    • Reminders for CASB.
    • Individual Events per board.
  • Provide references to Events and Users during document creation.

Website User Experience Study

  • Usability and Functionality Study
    VistaWorks conducted a Usability and Functionality Study using both CASB staff and other non-biased personnel. A website usage analysis was conducted as well, providing “heat map” data that was used to better organize and prioritize content within the website now and in the future. We compiled all of our findings into a simple report, detailing our recommendations along with projected costs for implementation.
  • Data / Content Migration Plan
    VistaWorks developed an entire data and content migration plan that can be utilized to ensure a seamless transfer of data from their existing website to a newly redesigned website. This included a sitemap of all content and all data such as that stored in any databases, static pages, or on third-party platforms.
  • CMS Analysis and Recommendations
    VistaWorks performed a complete analysis of thecurrent CMS, analyzing it for future development needs, functionality, future compatibility, ease-of-use, expandability, etc. and made appropriate recommendations for its continued use or migration to another platform.
  • Website “Best Practices”
    VistaWorks provided a “Best Practices” white paper and accompanying training that can be used as a guide when developing a new website.
  • Hosting Requirements
    VistaWorks assessed theircurrent hosting provider and provided them with recommendations.
  • Search Engine Placement Analysis
    VistaWorks analyzed your website for best possible search engine exposure, providing all “Search Engine Approved” techniques in our recommendations. Additionally, VistaWorks will assesed their current CMS for its ability to provide the best possible search engine optimization.
  • CRM Analysis and Recommendations
    VistaWorks assessed theircurrent usage of any CRMs or Email Marketing programs and provided suggestions for usage, and recommendations for future compatibility and legal compliance.
  • Internet Marketing Analysis
    VistaWorks assessed their use of any Internet Marketing tools, or Internet Marketing plans or implementations and provided additional suggestions.
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