Services Provided

  • Website
  • Hosting
  • Software Development

If you’ve been rafting in Colorado then there’s a good chance you’ve had your photo taken by Whitewater Photography. Whitewater Photography has dozens of photographers shooting the most popular rivers daily. All of these photos are uploaded to their website and available for purchase by the time the trip ends and the rafter is back at the outfitters office. This website is super complex and has so many custom features it’ll be hard to list them all:

Website and Software Development

  • Custom programmed content management system.
  • Custom JAVA uploader. Allows multiple staff to queue the upload of large file, high resolution photos. Photos are automatically tagged and organized in the database for retrieval by the website.
  • Outfitter Module. Outfitters each have a different login, and photos from their trips are automatically downloaded to their computers and available for sale before the customers return from their rafting trips.
  • Theme Park Module. (We didn’t have a better name!) The individual outfitters can display a running slideshow of all of the most recent trip photos in their office. (Just like when you get off the roller coaster, and your picture is waiting for you at the end of the ride.).
  • Custom Shopping Cart with multiple, customizable products including digital downloads.
  • Custom E-Commerce Solution and integration with payment gateway.
  • Outfitter Point of Sale system. Outfitters can login and use the POS to sell photos. All commissions and sales are tracked through the website.
  • Outfitter website iframe. Allows outfitters to “embed” the system within their own websites and sell photos directly through them.