The website that your business both needs and deserves.

Website design is a delicate balance of creativity and cutting-edge technology that many times must appeal to a very wide demographic range. VistaWorks will work with you to provide an easy-to-use, engaging website.

To better understand we how we build custom websites for our customers, here is an overview of our entire design and development process.

1) Discovery

The initial stage of website development includes a website design questionnaire that is constructed to help us understand your business and marketing goals. We also conduct ‘discovery’ meetings with our clients in order to completely understand and review these goals, branding requirements, target audiences, and website features, etc. Using the information obtained in these meetings VistaWorks will be able to establish the technical requirements needed to implement the website design. Throughout the process, VistaWorks has the capability to host online webinars that are used for review, training, etc. and this is included in the cost of every project.

2) Conceptualization

VistaWorks presents you with imaginative ideas for the website, and solicits feedback from you in order to best guide us creatively during design and layout. Having designed thousands of websites, we have the experience necessary to make yours ‘shine’, and the wisdom to work with you hand-in-hand to make yours work and look exactly how you want. The creative process is iterative, and we will present you with several different ideas and concepts in order to best meet the requirements developed in the discovery stage. We will specifically address the best ways to communicate priorities and emphasis of content and elements on your website.

3) Implementation

One of the most important features will be a web-based Content Management System (CMS). Having a full featured CMS allows our clients to update all aspects of the website themselves simply from a web browser, increasing effective interaction with website visitors. After developing the technical specifications for your website, we will be able to choose an appropriate CMS. Throughout the implementation process we will be coordinating interactive reviews and demonstrations with you or your staff, asking for approval on individual feature implementations as they are developed. Most of all we know that this will be a collaborative effort between you and our staff. Sometimes the best decisions come part way through a project. VistaWorks is nimble enough to work with you to adjust features and design throughout the project if necessary. Training of your staff on the use of the CMS and any other website features will be performed just prior to the launch of the website.

4) Deployment

After internal testing and review on multiple browsers and platforms, VistaWorks coordinates a final review with you before doing a SOFT launch of the new website. The new website will be available for testing, review, data entry, etc. on a temporary URL that only you have access to.
After final approval from you, the website will “go live”, and be available to the general public. Additional testing and review is performed at this point by VistaWorks to ensure that all functionality has transferred completely from the test environment to the internet.

Custom Website Design