Old website, old marketing tactics, old logo…see the pattern here? The Royal Gorge Region needed to let travelers know they were there, but they didn’t know how to do it. They had no social media presence whatsoever and despite being a HUGE gorge, were staying hidden behind Garden of the Gods and the like.


We started from the ground up. We created a cleaner, modern logo and paired that with a completely redesigned website. We created social media accounts and have grown the following to over 58,000 from zero. We capture leads and send them visitors guides (both print and digital) as well as a monthly enewsletter. And we’ve also implemented a video series showing off the best parts of the region.
Oh and did we mention a pay per click campaign? With shiny new ads? Clicks per day went from 37 to 1,484 (that’s a 3,900% increase!) and the cost per click went down from $1.47 to $.17.