Gravel Grinder

The gravel bike can do so much more

Gravel biking is now king. Instead of riding from stoplight to stoplight on paved roads and living in constant fear that a distracted driver will hit them, cyclists are enjoying the scenery on backcountry roads and riding again for pleasure without worries or disruptions. 


In rural regions, the options for gravel biking are limitless. Unlike mountain bikers, who must adhere to a trail, and road bikers, who must stick to paved roads, gravel bikers can travel almost anywhere.


With Gravel Grinder, we provide gravel bikers with your best gravel routes and include details like elevation gain, descriptions, and images, leaving visitors with a great impression of your area.

Because gravel biking doesn’t require the skills and expensive equipment needed for mountain biking or involve the fear of fast-driving cars on paved roads, its popularity is growing very quickly. This means there’s no time like the present to turn your dirt roads into tourism assets.

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