Tourism Economic Recovery

Disasters happen. Is your community prepared to bounce back?

“When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.“ – John F. Kennedy


Unfortunately, unforeseen situations can arise that have a drastic effect on your destination’s financial stability. From fire and flood to illness and drought, it seems no business is 100% safe from the threat of an economic downfall. 


Regardless of the severity of financial loss, economic recovery is possible, and it begins as soon as trouble knocks on your door. 


Connect with VistaWorks as we develop customized economic recovery solutions per destination and crisis at hand. 


Curious? Here are just some of the strategies we implement during—and after—a crisis.


For a Statewide Crisis, Stay Closely Connected with Your State’s Tourism Office


We are committed to following the Colorado and New Mexico Tourism Offices’ recommended messaging and talking points in terms of precaution for travelers. By staying in line with a state’s messaging, you help to eliminate any confusion among visitors. 


Be Compassionate


For destinations in a crisis and working toward economic recovery, it’s important to show compassion toward visitors. Are they scared? Bummed out? Show empathy and gain a friend… and a visitor. 


Restructure Your Message


If you are currently not open for business, remind future visitors what’s so great about your destination and that you “can’t wait to see them soon.” As time moves closer to an opening date, use social media to promote a day-by-day countdown and keep your destination at the forefront of your visitors’ minds. All the while, share images and video of your destination, further enticing visitors to visit once the current crisis has passed. 


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Focus on a New Conversion


If you can’t get people through your doors now, get them to book a future trip now. Offer a discount or recommend ordering a FREE travel guide.  


Shift Your Budget


At times, it might be wise to slow down paid advertising and shift budget to a later date when your destination is back in full swing.


Apply for Grants


Luckily for us, we represent destinations in states that rely heavily on the tourism industry, which means there is s lot of available financial support. VistaWorks has a strong record in finding, applying for, and winning grants on behalf of our clients.


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Stay in Touch with Journalists


Press never stops, and neither do journalists looking for a great story. Focus on what good can come from a crisis and share that message with the media. Will a new experience be built after a flood? Will a special type of mushroom grow in a fire’s burn scar? Will your destination be the safest place to visit after a statewide illness? There is always a silver lining. Find it and turn it into a story. 


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Speaking of Silver Linings…


Out of every crisis there is a silver lining, and VistaWorks will help you find it and promote it with customized and creative marketing tools. From online games and auctions to tv ads and more, our success in economic recovery speaks for itself.