Story Pitch: 30 Years of Making History Along the East Coast Greenway

In 1991, eight people met with a vision—to develop a bike trail connecting Maine to Florida. Today, as they approach the 20th anniversary of that meeting, The East Coast Greenway does just that, connecting 15 states and 450 cities and towns for 3,000 miles.


The East Coast Greenway has transformed its communities by promoting active and healthy lifestyles, sustainable transportation, community engagement, climate resilience, tourism, and more. The Greenway offers a safe place for bicyclists, walkers, and runners—of all ages and abilities—to commute, exercise, and visit new destinations.


The East Coast Greenway’s website offers extensive information on its history and future plans, blogs, a podcast, and all the details one might need to ride a portion of—or the entire length of—the Greenway. Learn about the segments on which you want to ride or discover an itinerary hand-selected by those who know the Greenway best at


Timberline Adventures will run the first commercially supported end-to-end biking trip on the East Coast Greenway in the summer/fall of 2021. Let your readers know this is a great and easy way to experience the Greenway first-hand, either as a whole or in one, two, or three segments. Learn more at


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